SHINE hosts “Women’s Empowerment Week”

SHINE center celebrated Women’s Empowerment Week from Monday, February 5th through the 7th at the Hope Haven Center located behind Maya Island Air, in San Pedro Town. The event consisted of seminars to teach women of Ambergris Caye on how to start their own business. The classes were offered by Cary Heise, Jessica Thronebrug, Billie-Jo Cochran, Wendy Schulz, Julie Matheny, and Erica Curtime from Raleigh, North Carolina, USA.

From Monday to Wednesday, the participants were learned how to start their own businesses and given important tips on how to make it a success and maintain it. Best practices such as marketing, budgeting and pricing were shared with them. The attendees were also given advice on how to succeed in a competitive market, especially if their business is going to be one that is common. They not only learned how to start their own business but were also given tips when applying for employment.

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