15 island girls embark on a SHINE journey

After a successful pilot program, SHINE founder Michelle Nuñez has started a new session with a new group of young ladies. SHINE, which stands for Shaping Healthy Identities through Nurturing and Empowerment, is a youth enrichment program for young girls with aims of aiding them in their growth and development. The second installment of the program started on Saturday, October 10th and is scheduled to run for two months. Participants will partake in six lessons geared at building a confident, strong and productive young lady.

The participants gathered at Banyan Bay on the first day of the program for a short orientation. “The girls met for the first time, we had snacks and drinks and decorated their folders, which will be used throughout the course. The participants for the second installment of SHINE were selected by San Pedro High School Councilor Alexis Guerrero. The program will last two months, with graduation day scheduled for Saturday, November 28th,” said Nuñez. She was also glad to announce the participation of SPHS Councilor Alexis Guerrero and Miss San Pedro 2015-2016 Iris Salguero, who will be assisting in the program. “I’m excited for the two months ahead. It’s going to be another beautiful journey. I would like to once again thank Alexis Guerrero for her participation and welcome to the team Miss San Pedro Iris Salguero. I’m sure that the girls will learn so much from them both. It’s all about Shaping Healthy Identities through Nurturing and Empowerment.”

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