is an empowerment program for men to learn about growing successfully in who they are and deepening their faith. Men will learn and study Scripture and receive encouragement and accountability to be a true man of God. By providing regular outlets for men to meet together we develop mentoring relationships that allow us to speak truth into their lives.  Our desire is to see these men come to know Christ and be transformed into loving husbands and fathers.

Our program seeks to instill a new respect for themselves, teaching them how to fight for their families and provide safe and stable homes and communities. Brothers leaders desire to build relationships with the men in our community and to speak hope into their lives. Our goal is to share life and experiences with these men, realizing that no life is greater than another and we all share struggles and a desire for purpose.

Men’s Bible Study
A small group created to share life together and grow deeper relationships with Christ.

Men’s Nights

This program is held once per month where men come together to share a meal. Together, they gain a network of support and trust, allowing men to learn what it means to be a true man and how to raise true Godly men. Held every second Friday of the month at the Shine Center.


Counseling is available for men and their families. Our hope is to be a place of honesty and growth where men can take ownership of their circumstances and impact both in their families and communities.

Our Soul Tides team has a global heartbeat for the brokenness all over the world. Our heart is to provide awareness, resources for prevention, and opportunity for restoration wherever God leads us.