Restoration Village

Over the more recent years, there has been a growing heartbeat to help women caught in trafficking.

Est/Her’s restoration mission is to offer sex trafficked women an opportunity to heal from their trauma so they can have a future of their own choosing. Esther International will be hope for victims and their families. By providing a wrap-around model of support and services, such as educational opportunities, paid vocational training and employment, and safe housing for healing and restoration.

Since 2019, Est/Her has partnered with Shield NC and Project Fight, both local anti-trafficking organizations. Our goal has been to create a network for restoration services and to find the gaps of needed services. Currently, the overwhelming need is housing.

Since 2017, we have researched and visited various restoration homes around the U.S. and have been building a plan for a successful restoration home. We believe that the town of Apex provides the nurturing environment and an abundance of resources to create a space of healing and opportunity.


  • A residential restoration program where women can receive trauma-informed counseling, group therapy, life-skill classes, and employment opportunities.
  • A well-rounded support system to provide mentorship, resources, and community as women begin to create a new life and career.
  • Business partnerships where women have various opportunities for employment after graduating the residential program.
  • A large property with ample outdoor space healing and activities.
  • A large home including multiple bedrooms/bathrooms, a large gathering space for meetings and meal time, a counseling office, and an administrative office.
    • This home would include a room for a house mom and rooms for young women in need of extra full-time care.
  • Smaller townhomes/apartments/tiny homes for women to live independently once they have graduated from the initial program and need more assistance.
  • For-profit businesses (whether onsite or off) that provide a healthy employment for the women, teach business skills, and offer a financial profit for the operations of the home.

The program would offer assistance to women 18+ who have experienced trauma through sex trafficking. The property is still to be determined.

We are also a part of the National Network of Thistle Farms in Nashville, Tennessee, a successful safe home organization willing to walk with other organizations to facilitate transition and success. The network is comprised of 80 organizations, 50 with open homes, and 30 in the process of opening. Even with the 380 beds within these organizations, there is consistently a waitlist for women needing a place to go.

Est/Her also uses the Gospel and Christ’s love as part of the healing solution. We believe that God has a plan and purpose for each woman and we desire for her to have confidence in who God has created her to be. Though religion is not a requirement for the women who participate in our program, we hope that through our service they grow in their personal faith and walk with Jesus.